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Price: 3085.00 BGL
in EUR:1577.34 EUR
Дълбочинен металдетектор тип кантар FAU PULSE

“FAU PULSE” works on the principle of reception and transmission of signals. […]

Price: 3500.00 BGL
in EUR:1789.52 EUR

Mole Impulse Digital is an advanced pulse induction metal detector with LCD […]

Manufacturer: Deltapulse
Price: 2500.00 BGL
in EUR:1278.23 EUR

Recover buried treasure 4-20 feet (1-6 meters) deep! If you’re after large, […]

Manufacturer: White's
Price: 1388.00 BGL
in EUR:709.67 EUR

This unique resistivity survey system is suitable for fast and accurate detection […]

Manufacturer: Deltapulse
Price: 5000.00 BGL
in EUR:2556.46 EUR

Mole Impulse PRO is a professional metal detector. It works on the […]

Manufacturer: Deltapulse
Price: 1200.00 BGL
in EUR:613.55 EUR

The detector works on the principle of pulse induction and is one […]

Manufacturer: Deltapulse
Price: 1050.00 BGL
in EUR:536.86 EUR