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Digital Eliminator for LRL

Digital Eliminator for LRL

Price: 600.00 BGL
(500.00 BGL excl. VAT)
600.00 BGL
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The eliminator is a product which is needed when looking for long time buried treasures. It helps to return the electronic object to the real one. Over time, metals have been surrounded by electric fields which lines diverge in direction towards the equator. Metals in countries that are located on the equator do not have deviations in the electric field from the real object. If metal objects are located north of the equator the electric field deviates southwards. In countries that are located south of the equator the electric field deviates northwards. If the operator finds an object line and locates the “right spot” through a long-range product of the type of LRL2000D, then they must seek north- or southwards, depending on the position of the country towards the equator. If the operator has eliminator, it will save a lot of work and nerves involved in object detection, as the eliminator will return the electronic object to the real one.

The eliminator can be used with equal success with LRL operating on ground and air principle.

The eliminator consists of:
• Electronic unit;
• Two probes;
• Automatic battery charger;
• 2 x 16 m black cable that connects both probes to the electronic unit;
• Compass.


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