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Nokta Invenio PRO PACKAGE with 3 coils

Nokta Invenio PRO PACKAGE with 3 coils

Manufacturer: Nokta Makro
Price: 16500.00 BGL
in EUR:8436.32 EUR
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Just like X-ray and ultrasound can image the inside of your body, […]

Manufacturer: Radarteam
Price: ask

The GEM-2 is a handheld, digital, programmable, broadband electromagnetic sensor. Combining cutting-edge […]

Manufacturer: Geophex
Price: ask

Double channel model: 17760 euro Zond-12e Features: PERFORMANCE: Single channel or double […]

Manufacturer: Radsys
Price: ask

The UG-12 DS measuring method is based on the evaluation of variations of […]

Manufacturer: Emfad
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